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Buyer Beware: Battlefield 4 Will Not Work on 4GB Xbox 360 S (UPDATE)

Game Front: The link points to the EA support page that informed players of the necessity of a 2GB hard drive installation on Xbox 360 versions of Battlefield 4. That post was updated on Oct. 29 to also include information that the install would not work on the ...
Battlefield 4 Final Stand Gameplay Trailer

- 5 days ago @ Check out the video above for a look at Final Stand's vehicles and weapons, including the snowmobile, hovertank, rail gun, flying drone, and more. The DLC also adds four maps to Battlefield 4 -- Operation Whiteout, Hammerhead, Giants of Karelia, and ...

Battlefield 4 Final Stand DLC release date confirmed for Nov. 18, Battlefest

- 5 days ago @ Electronic Arts (EA) has announced that the Battlefield 4 Final Stand DLC release date is finally coming next Tuesday, Nov. 18, and will underline new futuristic weapons and vehicles as gamers fight in the midst of a freezing Russian terrain ...

Battlefield 4: Final Stand DLC Gameplay Trailer Shows Off New Content

- 5 days ago @ Snowmobiles, a hover tank, a rail gun and wintry Russian landscapes are front and centre in the new content which contains four new multiplayer maps and a night time level for the first time. In the trailer we also see new examples of the series ...

Battlefield 4's Final Stand now being stood by premium players, trailered for

- 5 days ago @ The Russians are experimenting with secret weaponry - which means kinect blast-powered railguns, and the belated appearance of bows in Battlefield 4. In fact, the Russians seem to be inventing weaponry without even trying: you'll see firing rocket ...

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Unlocking the Phantom Bow in Hangar 21 Secret Room in Battlefield 4

Attack of the Fanboy: Battlefield 4 players have been unraveling an ongoing Easter Egg in the game for nearly a year now. The Phantom Program has been rewarding players with secret unlockables that has evolved as new DLC has arrived. Players have collected dog tags, ...

Battlefield 4 – An Exceptional Military Shooter Awaits in 2016

The Fuse Joplin: Following the footsteps set by the hugely successful Battlefield 4, the developers and EA are gearing up to create one of the best military shooters in the franchise's history. While the name for the upcoming game is yet to be known, it could most ...

'Battlefield 4' Has the Most Powerful Bow In Video Games

Game Rant: With the plethora of new games hitting the market just in time for the holiday season, it would be easy to miss the release of the fifth and final DLC for Battlefield 4. The DLC, called Final Stand, was released on November 18 for Battlefield Premium ...

Gaming Deals: Destiny for PS4 and Xbox One for $40 and More

In this week's pre-Black Friday deals, get The Evil Within for $30, Watch Dogs for $30, and more.

In Battlefield, A Master Helicopter Pilot Can Save Your Butt

Battlefield 4 players know just how clutch a helicopter pilot can be, but there's a difference between being a solid helicopter pilot and being a master. Read more...

Battlefield 4: Final Stand DLC Released for Premium Members, Hits Stores on

Gospel Herald: Final Stand marks the fifth and final DLC expansion for the popular Battlefield 4 game from Electronic Arts. It centers around the end of the War of 2020 with the formation of the Pan-Asian Coalition and the development of the same futuristic ...

Here's three Easter Eggs that can be found in Battlefield 4: Final Stand

VG247: Battlefield 4 players will be pleased to know there are more Easter Eggs to find in the latest DLC release, Final Stand. Below is a video showing you where to find three of them. Watch below as Westie gives you a small tutorial on how to acquire an ...

In Battlefield 4 A Bow And Arrow Can Take Down Entire Buildings

Kotaku Australia: So yeah, in Battlefield 4 the Phantom Bow can pretty much destroy everything and anything. This video is great. I love the editing. I love the music. I love the explosions. I love that a Bow and Arrow can be responsible for so much carnage. I'm going ...


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Battlefield 4 Final Stand DLC Gameplay Trailer Heralds The Release Of The

Gamenguide: The fifth and final expansion for Battlefield 4 is now available on all platforms for Premium players, and we have a slick gameplay trailer that shows off what the pack has in store. For those who don't get the Premium treatment, the pack will be ...

Battlefield 4 Final Stand DLC Slated For December Release

CultureMob: EA and DICE had a really rough run with their Battlefield 4 that disappointed gamers to a large extent; however the argument is, it is the best military multiplayer shooter for another two years or so, because Battlefield 5 is scheduled for a 2016 launch.

This is your primer for the Phantom Bow in Battlefield 4 Final Stand

VG247: As with all DLC weapons in Battlefield 4, you'll need to complete an assignment to unlock it. But if you really want to try the Phantom Bow now, there are multiple unranked servers that you can get into and try it. Unranked servers have all weapons ...

Battlefield 4 Final Stand gets official gameplay trailer

Load The Game: Electronics Arts and DICE have just released their latest Battlefield 4 DLC, the Final Stand, which is currently available exclusively to premium members of the game. The remainder of the Battlefield 4 crowd will be getting the Final Stand DLC this ...

This is your primer for the Phantom Bow in Battlefield 4 Final Stand

The Final Stand DLC came out yesterday for Battlefield 4 Premium members and everyone's already wondering about this new bow. What it is and how to use it. Well, we're here to answer all your questions. The Phantom ...

Battlefield 4 Final Stand patch fixes unlock cap limit and a gazillion

Battlefield 4 has been patched on both the game and server side for the launch of the Final Stand DLC today, and the list of fixes is extensive to say the least. Battlefield 4 ′s latest update comes with a set of patch notes so ...

Battlefield 4 Final Stand Looks Fantastic in New Trailer

EA has published an exciting new trailer for the upcoming final Battlefield 4 expansion Final Stand. ...Read More.


Battlefield 5 Will Once Again be Military-Themed

IGN: By Luke KarmaliDespite the upcoming Battlefield Hardline focusing on cops-and-robbers, Battlefield 5 will once again see us in a military setting. That's according to EA CFO Blake Jorgensen, who made the comment at the 2014 UBS Global Technology ...

Battlefield 5 Will Once Again be Military-Themed - IGN News

Don't expect Hardline to mark a new direction for numbered entries in the series.


'Battlefield 4': DLC 'Final Stand' release date Dec. 2, earlier access for

ChristianToday: The rollout date for the fifth and final expansion to end the array of DLC releases for DICE video game "Battlefield 4" is finally revealed. Final Stand will be the newest "Battlefield 4" content and Electronic Arts is making it available to non ...


Battlefield 4 Fifth Expansion, 'Final Stand' Now Released

Bitbag: Battlefield 4 is the twelfth installment to the Battlefield series and is also a sequel to Battlefield 3 .It is a first-person shooter developed by Swedish video game developer EA Digital Illusions CE or popularly known as DICE, as stated on their ...


GAME NEWS: Battlefield 4 fans get Final Stand DLC, Xbox One Gold deals, Halo GAME NEWS: Battlefield 4 fans get Final Stand DLC, Xbox One Gold deals, Halo woes continue. BATTLEFIELD 4 Premium members have got DLC Final Stand today, there's new Xbox One Gold deals and Halo fans are having to wait for a much needed ...

Battlefield 4 Update Brings Tons of Fixes, Enables Final Stand

With the Final Stand expansion going live for Battlefield 4 Premium Members today (non-Premium members get it on December 2), EA and DICE have brought out another big patch for the game today, which enables the new DLC and includes a bunch of ...

Battlefield 4: Final Stand trailer shows off new maps, weapons and

Final Stand looks a lot more dramatic than content drop has a right to be in this new gameplay trailer. Battlefield 4: Final Stand will be available to Battlefield Premium members when November 18 arrives in the ...

' Battlefield 4: Final Stand' DLC Releases Tomorrow for

The appropriately titled 'Final Stand' DLC for ' Battlefield 4 ' releases for Premium members on November 18th and everyone else on December 2nd.


Battlefield 4: Final Stand DLC Gameplay Trailer Shows Off New Content

Snowmobiles, a hover tank, a rail gun and wintry Russian landscapes are front and centre in the new content which contains four new multiplayer maps and a night time level for the first time. In the trailer we also see new examples of the series ...


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